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Introduction of ACEI of Nanjing University

Nanjing University Advanced Computational Engineering Institute for Earth Environment was founded by Nanjing University and the Japanese related department on March 15th 1998. The first director of the institute was Dr. Wu Zhishen, a professor of Ibaraki University and Southeast University of China. The institute dedicated to the theory, technique and method of sustainable development between human engineering activity and earth environmental protection. The research interests include environmental engineering geology, environmental geotechnical problem, various types of foundation engineering quality detection and health diagnosis, geological and geotechnical engineering monitoring and early warning technology, numerical simulation and calculation method in fields of geological engineering, geotechnical engineering, transportation engineering, water project, underground engineering, soil improvement, image processing and system development, GIS, GPS, RS application, etc. The institute members are composed of more than 20 teachers and 50 graduate students from the school of earth sciences and engineering, city and resources department, computer science department, environment science department, mathematics department, biology department, atmospheric sciences department, etc. The institute also have an ongoing relationship with more than 20 universities, research institutions and companies internationally.

Over the past decade of hard working and development, the Nanjing University Advanced Computational Engineering Institute for Earth Environment has made the outstanding achievements and obtained a series of important results in terms of talent cultivation, scientific research, international cooperation, community service, achievement transformation, etc. Nanjing University of photoelectric sensor engineering monitoring center, founded on April 16th 2004, based on the distributed optical fiber sensing monitoring laboratory of Nanjing University Advanced Computational Engineering Institute for Earth Environment is the first geological and geotechnical engineering monitoring and health diagnosis research center with the core distributed photoelectric sensing monitoring technology. The center has developed the monitoring equipment and patented technology at the sources, explored all kinds of effective ways about distributed photoelectric sensing monitoring technology applying in engineering safety monitoring, establish health diagnosis and assessment system for construction quality and safety operation of different projects around the cutting edge photoelectric sensing technology-Brillouin optical time-domain reflectometer(BOTDR and BOTDA), Raman scattering optical time domain reflection (ROTDR), Fiber bragg gating (FBG) and High precision time domain reflection technology(v-OTDR) to improve the standard of monitoring technology in industrial community in China.

Since 2005, the “international forum of geological and geotechnical engineering photoelectric sensor monitoring” was set up with funding from the National Science Foundation held every 2 to 3 years. It has been held three times successfully and become an important high-level international forum in this field. In 2008, the research outcome: “The application of geological engineering brillouin scattering optical time-domain fiber distributed monitoring technology” has won the first prize of Education scientific and technological progress award.

In 2009, Professor Shi Bin, the director of Nanjing University Advanced Computational Engineering Institute for Earth Environment, had become the president of Nanjing University (Suzhou) High-tech Institute and built the platform of producing-studying-researching. It made the research achievements transformed effectively and produced excellent social and economic benefits.

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