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1 朱友群, 朱鸿鹄, 孙义杰, 施斌. FBG-BOTDA联合感测管桩击入土层模型试验研究 岩土力学 EI 2014 35(S2), 695-702.
2 朱鸿鹄, 张诚成, 裴华富, 等 GFRP土钉拉拔特性研究 岩土工程学报 EI 2012 34(10), 1843-1849
3 Zhu, H.-H., Shi, B., and Zhang, C.-C. FBG-based monitoring of geohazards: current status and trends Sensors SCI 2017 17(3), 452.
4 Cao, D., Shi, B., Zhu, H.-H., et al. A field study on the application of distributed temperature sensing technology in thermal response tests for borehole heat exchangers Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment SCI 2019 1-15
5 Yan, J.F., Shi, B., Zhu, H.H. et al. A quantitative monitoring technology for seepage in slopes using DTS Engineering Geology SCI 2015 186, 100-104
6 Zhang, C.-C., Zhu, H.-H., Xu, Q., et al. Time-dependent pullout behavior of glass fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP) soil nail in sand Canadian Geotechnical Journal SCI 2015 52(6), 671–681.
7 Zhu, H.-H., Wang, Z.-Y.,Shi, B., et al. Feasibility study of strain based stability evaluation of locally loaded slopes: insights from physical and numerical modeling Engineering Geology SCI 2016 208, 39-50
8 Zhu, H.-H., Zhang, C.-C., Mei, G.-X.,et al. Prediction of one-dimensional compression behavior of Nansha clay using fractional derivatives Marine Georesources and Geotechnolog SCI 2017 35(5), 688-697.
9 Wang, X., Wei, G., Chen, S.E., et al. Monitoring the behavior of segment joints in a shield tunnel using distributed fiber optic sensors Structural Control and Health Monitoring SCI 2018 25(1), e2056
10 Zhang, C.-C., Zhu, H.-H., Shi, B. Role of the interface between distributed fibre optic strain sensor and soil in ground deformation measurement Scientific Reports SCI 2016 6: 36469
11 Liu et al. Mechanical properties and energy conversion of 3D close-packed lattice model for brittle rocks
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